FAQs: AI Copilot for IT Service desks

Vastmindz AI is a AI technology company that has developed very advanced AI solutions in the health tech space. NEO ( formerly know as ChatMSP ) was created by the team at Vastmindz to solve an issue for a large MSP and now is sold as an independent product to Managed service providers around the globe.

ChatMSP is the former name of NEO. The name was changed to NEO from ChatMSP because a lot of our clients got confused with ChatGPT hence the name change.

NEO consist of an AI ChatBot delivered as a custom Teams application for your organisation that is deployed within your Microsoft tenancy. This chat bot communicates with our Azure based OpenAI models that help solve custom problems for you. Your ingested custom data has been indexed in using special high speed techniques to allow NEO to solve tickets based on information it already knows about your organisation, processes and historical tickets.

Connectwise is an ITSM tool for Managed Service providers. Copilot for Connectwise is delivered as NeoAgent, an AI copilot for IT helpdesks. The copilot is an AI service desk chat bot delivered within Microsoft Teams.

We access your ITSM tool (Connectwise or Service Now) via an API key, we index every ticket every resolved in your service tool into your custom data base. This custom data base is stored in an encrypted format in a private azure instant. The data is only accessibly via the teams chat bot from your organisation and therefore your data is protected by multi-layer access.

NEO uses the OpenAI framework and all your existing documents and processes to provide meaningful answers that relate to your managed services customers. NEO also analyses all existing tickets in your ITSM tool and understands how tickets were solved so that new tickets can be solved quicker. It prioritises your processes and where needed will combine information available on the internet to produce generative text relevant to the problem.

Our process of integration normally takes less than 1 week once we all systems have access to your documentation and tickets. The data is then stored in azure where our custom Microsoft Teams ChatBot accesses the data.

NEO only makes the access to your data via the secure MS Teams Chatbot which is custom made for your organisation. There is no other way of accessing the data.

NEO is scheduled to ingest and continuously learn and we set the schedule on ingestion with each customer This is customisable.

NEO cannot run any commands at this state and cannot automate anything. You can consider NEO as a private version of ChatGPT focused on solving internal tickets and service requests you receive from your customers.

NEO is being developed for Slack and other channels so register with us to keep abreast of new features and functionalities.

NEO is a product of Vastmindz. Vastmindz won Microsoft Startup of the year in 2022 and is part of the Pegasus program and has very close relationships with Microsoft.

We can arrange a demo and show you the power of NEO, simply book a call with our team.

Our current version is in English, but we are developing different language models which will be released as and when they are fully tested.

NEO is used via a MS Teams, so if your user can access their MS Teams application, they can use NEO from anywhere.

NEO was designed for Managed service providers who have multiple customers. NEO can be used for any organisation that operates a service desk, has internal customers that need IT support and a ticketing system and process documents are in place. Talk to us to learn about custom deployments.

NEO has integrations with Kaseya, contact us to learn more.

Neo integrates with most ITSM solutions including Autotask. Contact us for more details.

Yes, we’ve just released our integration with Jira. Please contact us to learn more.