Meet Neo Agent, the AI Copilot for MSPs

Resolve IT tickets faster and boost customer satisfaction-all while reducing team workload. 
Neo Agent (“Neo”), the most advanced AI copilot for managed-service providers (MSPs) and IT service desks. 

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Watch how Neo Agent works in less than 3 minutes

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Join our growing customer base in adopting AI to improve ticket resolution.

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Why Choose Neo Agent?

“Neo” uses AI to solve & automate IT support problems & processes for MSPs, saving time & money.

5 minutes

Time saved handling every ticket


Cost saved everyday*


Return On Investment (ROI)**

Neo Agent can help you automate tasks, retrieve information with a simple prompt

It takes less than 60 seconds to setup a complex automation or perform analysis on your service tickets

Create automations in less than 60 seconds

Whether you need to automate your ticket triage & dispatch process or create an automation to monitor the sentiment of your tickets, Neo can set this up for you with a simple prompt

Perform analysis on your service tickets

Neo can analyse your all your service tickets to allow you to run complex analysis such as understanding who is your most time demanding customer.

Retrieve important documentation quickly

Neo can search through all of your documentation sources, including Hudu, ITGlue, Sharepoint, Confluence & others to get you the information you need.

Neo Pulse gives your customers an intelligent AI-powered support agent they can speak to

Neo Pulse can help customers resolve common issues, create tickets, update tickets and much more so your support technicians don’t have to

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Helps collect information to process service requests

Neo Pulse intelligently works with the customer to collect all the necessary information to raise a service request ticket

Troubleshoots common issues with customers

Neo Pulse helps customers resolve common issues by referencing past solutions to issues.

Able to hand over issues to human support agents

Neo Pulse can hand over issues to human support agents with the full context of the customer’s issue so they don’t have to read through many messages.

Neo Agent & Pulse can work together to solve common user management tickets

Customers can raise tickets through Neo Pulse, and Neo Agent can execute actions to solve them

I need permissions to access a shared mailbox
Neo Pulse
Sure! I will raise a ticket for you on our service desk
connect auto
Neo Agent
I found a mailbox permissions ticket! Executing action...
Neo Agent
Action executed, closing ticket and updating the notes

Get started in 3 simple steps

The team who built Neo Agent make it easy for you to integrate and get started, we deliver a personal MS Teams Bot for your organisation with continuous updates

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Audit your tickets

Neo will audit all of your existing tickets that have already been resolved by your team in your ITSM solution.


Upload your runbooks

Upload your client runbooks so Neo becomes even better when dealing with specific clients.


Get going

Watch Neo generate human-like resolutions for your tickets, now you have an AI Service desk copilot.

AI for MSPs to empower your service desk

Empower your managed service desk with Copilot, an AI-driven assistant that works alongside your team to provide unparalleled support. Neo’s ability to swiftly navigate through existing tickets and runbooks equips your service desk with the knowledge and insights needed to deliver exceptional service to your clients.

No need to change your workflow

Integrated with popular ITSM tools so you don’t have to change the way you work.

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A customer-first approach to slashing mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR)

Neo Agent has your customers need first, so you can focus on growing your business whilst delivering impressive resolution times.


More Customers

Now you can serve more customers, with more capacity.

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Lower Cost

At a much lower cost by reducing team workload using AI.


Unbeatable MTTR

Whilst delivering impressive MTTR through intelligent responses.

Featured Customer Spotlight

Don’t just take our word it! See what other leading MSPs are saying.

2024 AI Update | Lessons Learned from Our AI Journey

Aldridge CIO, Chad Hiatt gives a candid update on our project to implement AI across his business. How he reached his first project milestone and the journey he went through. Sharing the AI journey, warts and all, because we believe that everyone who is interested in AI will benefit from the lessons that Aldridge learned with Vastmindz. [Webinar] 2024 AI Update | Lessons Learned from Our AI Journey | Aldridge

PTG's experience with Neo

Established in 2003, The ProActive Technology Group (PTG) specializes in providing information technology services for businesses ranging from ten to five hundred employees. Learn more about PTG here.

In this video, our CEO, Nikhil Sehgal sits down with Russell Burgess, the technical services manager at PTG to understand the impact that Neo has had on PTG’s business.

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Cyberstreams' experience with Neo

Starting in 1999, Cyberstreams is a leading managed service provider in the Greater Seattle Area. It is 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service. Learn more about Cyberstreams here.

In this video, our CEO, Nikhil Sehgal sits down with Cyberstreams’ CEO, David Henderson to understand the impact that Neo has had on Cyberstreams’ business.

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Missed our recent webinar with Microsoft?

Don’t worry, you can catch up on this session below.

Supercharging an
MSP's service desk with AI

Neo has been backed by Microsoft since its inception and is one the first production-grade tools to leverage Azure OpenAI for MSPs. In this webinar, Nikhil & Arnaud go over how Neo solves problems for MSPs and uses of it in the real-world, along with a demo!


Nikhil Sehgal, CEO
Arnaud Grandvuinet, Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

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Start growing with Neo

Designed by MSPs, for MSPs. A true AI for MSPs.

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