About Us

ChatGPT for MSPs

Welcome to NeoAgent, the leading AI copilot for your IT helpdesk. We are a trailblazing AI company focused on revolutionizing the managed service industry with our cutting-edge technology. By leveraging artificial intelligence, we are redefining the capabilities of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), adding immense value to IT support systems around the globe. 


As your trusted copilot for ConnectWise MSA and other ITSM’s, we aim to streamline and enhance your operations. We understand the challenges that Managed Service Desks face in managing complex tasks and resolving IT tickets quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to be your solution in navigating these challenges, bringing our AI prowess into play to lighten your load and increase efficiency.


ChatGPT for MSPs

Our Mission

At NeoAgent, we’re committed to revolutionizing IT support by empowering organizations with AI for IT help desk support. This commitment drives us to constantly innovate, developing smart solutions that redefine the potential of AI for MSPs. Our AI IT Chatbot harnesses the power of AI for IT tickets, interpreting complex language, understanding issues, and providing swift, efficient responses.

We believe that AI for customer satisfaction is more than just a fancy buzzword; it’s the future of customer service. By implementing AI to help solve IT tickets, we enhance the experience of your clients, boosting satisfaction rates and fostering long-term relationships.

What sets us apart is our expertise and innovation in AI for managed service desks. We understand the complexities of managing IT services and have designed our software with a keen focus on helping your team overcome the hurdles they face daily.

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Let us be your AI copilot for your IT helpdesk, driving efficiency, accuracy, and satisfaction. With NeoAgent, you’re not just adopting AI for IT support information; you’re embracing a smarter, more efficient future. 

Join us on this transformative journey and discover the unparalleled potential of AI in managed services.